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Property and profit loss

The term ‘property’ comprises buildings, constructions, production facilities, fixed assets and current assets. Goodwill depends on the condition of the property. We recommend insuring your assets against adverse events, such as fire and other elements, theft, damage and destruction. For small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SME’), we offer simple packages which comprise all risks in a single policy, to comprehensively protect property and potential losses in profit.
When the company’s assets have very high value, we negotiate comprehensive schemes. These usually consist of several policies and contain numerous deviations. We always implement a package of brokerage clauses. Most often, we propose the insurance of:

  • fixed assets, capital expenditures / conversion and refurnishing expenditures
  • machines and devices
  • current assets
  • equipment, warehouses and offices
  • finished goods, goods-in-process and goods in transport
  • profit loss risk
  • and others

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