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Fleets and TIR insurance

In the current age of economic development, vehicles are a basic work tool. For large corporations and businesses from the transport, forwarding and logistics industries, the management of risk related to the vehicle fleet is a high priority.

We understand the needs of our clients. We specialise in comprehensive insurance schemes for vehicles, including those over a total weight of 3.5 tonnes, semitrailers and trailers with a total weight of up to 44 tonnes and tractor units, ballast tractors, specialised vehicles, etc.

The basic insurance products that ensure insurance coverage in Poland and elsewhere in Europe are as follows:

  • Civil liability insurance – insurance of an owner or driver regarding damage resulting from tort
  • Comprehensive automobile insurance – insurance against damage or total destruction as well as the risk of losing various elements and of theft
  • Personal accident insurance – insurance against sudden events, caused by external factors in relation to the movement of vehicles (e.g. road accident, collision, getting into or out of a vehicle, direct loading and unloading, repair of the insured vehicle on the route)
  • Financial loss insurance – insurance against the loss of vehicle value
  • ASSISTANCE – insurance ensuring assistance in the case of the vehicle breakdown, accident, theft and other unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. ensuring towing of vehicles)
  • TYRES, WINDOWS, OTHER EQUIPMENT – insurance which covers primarily the arrangement and coverage of costs of services relating to damage to tyres, windows or other elements of vehicle equipment

As part of the schemes that we create, we also offer legal support abroad addressed to fleet clients who provide services throughout Europe

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