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Civil liability insurance related to business activities and boards of directors

Managing a company always involves an element of risk. Unforeseeable circumstances, mistakes, employee errors (including gross negligence), pure financial losses and damage to contracting parties. These are just a few examples of significant risk. It becomes disproportionately higher if the entity has high capital levels and extensive liabilities incurred by its representatives. Long-term contracts concluded under disadvantageous conditions or which contribute to tax arrears whose terms of payment have expired while holding a given position are only few of the problems that the members of boards of directors face on a daily basis. Civil liability insurance and civil liability insurance for a board of directors ensures security and protects against serious financial consequences. We can insure:

  • Civil liability for a product
  • Civil liability for a contract
  • Civil liability for damage caused as a result of installation or device failure
  • Civil liability for damage caused by subcontractors
  • Civil liability for damage to property subjected to the service
  • Civil liability for damage to property as a result of further processing
  • Civil liability of members of a board of directors (understood as management staff)
  • Pure financial losses and consequent damage
  • And many others

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