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Benefits and threats

Avoid risk!

Learn the benefits of cooperating with us!

  • all your insurance and insurance-related needs handled comprehensively by a professional team
  • we audit the actual situation and prepare a new policy or insurance scheme, taking into account your actual needs, expectations, preferences and capabilities
  • we provide active support with regard to the choice of the best offer, and ensure its implementation
  • we guarantee efficient, flexible and professional service and, if necessary, delegate employees to work exclusively for you
  • we ensure ongoing advice in respect of insurance and insurance law as well as insurance-related issues
  • we enable consultations with experts in insurance law and other areas of business life
  • we actively participate in claims adjustment proceedings
  • we share information on the monitoring of processes taking place in the Polish and foreign insurance and financial markets
  • we are an experienced company with a stable financial position as well as full and high civil liability insurance coverage

You ask, and we advise.

We are here to help.

Avoid risk!

Lack of professional support means

  • very high risks in private life and the greater liability of business owners, members of boards of directors, management or other people in terms of insurance policies and the transfer of risks when there is no adequate professional or organisational supervision
  • difficulty in establishing a uniform, coherent and professional insurance scheme for the entire or part of owned property and non-property risks
  • failure to implement or partial implementation of an optimisation policy due to insufficient knowledge of insurance instruments
  • risk of making mistakes arising from a lack of appropriate specialist knowledge or of trained personnel in charge of an insurance policy
  • necessity to maintain increased numbers of personnel or an obligation to handle insurance issues alone


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