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We are experienced insurance brokers with a 30-year tradition. Clients entrust us with their life, health and property. We want them to feel that we have provided them with reliable, professional and comprehensive service, and that their business is 100% safe.

Our extensive knowledge of law and insurance products available on the market, and a detailed analysis of the client’s needs, allow us to negotiate the most optimal insurance agreements. More than 3000 entities have trusted us for the provision of advisory services and proposal of non-standard insurance schemes. We provide support during claims adjustment and the satisfaction of claims throughout the entire period of cooperation. We act with full responsibility and in light of the provisions of the Insurance Distribution Act of 15 December 2017, in force since 1 October 2018, which is confirmed by a relevant civil liability insurance policy which additionally guarantees safety for our clients.




Establishment of the company by Bogdan Regulski


First 1000 clients


Second generation influences the development of the company


Full digitalisation of the company


PLN 300 million of premium due



Our team consists of licensed brokers with long-term experience in the insurance services market. We have comprehensive knowledge of insurance, risk management and negotiations, and thorough understanding of insurance company products. We always act as a team. The schemes that we develop are well thought through and adjusted to current needs, expectations, preferences and possibilities. They allow us to secure each area of the client’s business activity, and enable the broadest possible transfer of risk to insurance companies.

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